Sky Solutions’ Intelli-Doc solution removes business complexity from generating documents & notices within the existing Appian applications.

  • Intelli-Doc makes templates highly dynamic and fully configurable so businesses and admins can add and update templates on the fly – without having to go through a development cycle.
  • Documents can be generated remotely through integrations and be able to view/download all generated documents & notices.

Key Features

  • Centralized repository for templates across the organization for easier support, maintainability, and consistency.
  • User interfaces to manage templates, providing the ability to add, update, and delete templates as needed.
  • Compatible with PDF and Word formats. Create and store templates for letters, forms, correspondence, notices, etc.
  • Modify templates on the fly with the right privileges and respond to changing business needs in real-time.
  • The ability for users to select the appropriate template when needed for document generation in the workflow.
  • Integrate easily with web APIs for remote triggering of template selection and document generation.
  • Version control of templates for audit purposes.
  • Provides site page to view/download previously generated documents.

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