Smart Templates Component


Sky Solutions’ Smart Templates component crushes business complexity from generating complex letters, forms, correspondence, and notices within your existing Pega applications.

Smart Templates make templates highly dynamic and fully configurable so business and IT admins can add and update templates on the fly – without having to go through a development cycle.

Manage templates for your letters, forms, correspondence, and notices within Pega – all easily configured within your application using the Smart Templates component.

Key Features

  • Centralized repository for templates across your organization for easier support, maintainability, and consistency
  • Managing templates through the Configuration Portal, providing the ability to add, update, and delete templates as needed
  • Fully compatible with Word and PDF formats
  • Easy-to-use user interface to manage templates
  • Create and store templates for letters, forms, correspondence, notices, etc.
  • Ease of use of images, digital signatures, and graphics on your templates
  • Modify templates on the fly with the right privileges and respond to changing business landscape in real time
  • Use these templates in your case flow as needed or allow users to select the appropriate template when needed in your case lifecycle
  • Version control of templates for audit purposes
  • Sunset your legacy and custom solutions and get rid of technical debt with this low code Pega component
  • Upcoming feature: Barcode and QR code generation on the final letters, forms, correspondence, and notices that are generated

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