Streamlined Dispute Management for Customer Service 


Sky Solutions supported an American multinational financial services corporation on the improvement of their dispute management application to be compliant with the updated global policies for merchants regarding chargebacks and write-offs. 


Changing global policies led to a need of the change to this organization’s dispute management application to make sure it is compliant with these new regulations.   


The existing system of setting up dispute cases for individual card members had a limitation. The architecture took care of only swiped/credit transactions but not transactions made with points. 


Sky Solutions used our expertise in business process management and business process automation to overcome the limitation of the existing dispute management application. The application was updated using the Pega platform which added new capabilities while improving and increasing the efficiency of dispute transactions processing.  

What we Did 

  • Low-code development 
  • API development 
  • Business process automation 


The dispute management application is now compliant with the new global policies. The solution that Sky developed has enhanced the dispute management process and brought greater ease and transparency to the handling and resolution of disputes. The intelligently designed dynamic questionnaires provided fair representation to the interests of both customers and merchants. Enabling point-based transactions to be disputed in the same process which handled online, and swiped transactions led to a unified process flow. This resulted in the streamlining of customer service operations.